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It puts the ursa major on its skin...

So, this morning, I dreamt that I was being held captive by a serial killer who loved astronomy.

He kidnapped me, some blonde lady, and some black lady, and he put us in his evil planetarium, where we had a pile of stars (like, real stars, but not? you know dream logic) in constellation shapes, and we had to put them in the proper order. The blonde right off the bat couldn't do it, so he killed her. I got a few done, but then I was like "Look, this is stupid, we both know I have no freaking clue where the rest go."

He was about to kill me, but then I had the bright idea to go "Oh, but I can speak Chinese!" just as the knife was descending, and he was like "Oh, well, that's different then." and I got to live in his evil lair and was forced to study astronomy and be creeped out by his creepy touchy serial killertude.

The black lady was eventually killed too, but she came back as a Japanese ghost to help me escape, and a disembodied voice gave me a riddle that I had to solve to get her to help me, but I never did figure it out before I woke up. I also found a secret door in the serial killer's basement that led to an elementary school gymnasium, where a gym teacher was teaching a boys' choir (I know, wtf?), but the door was locked, so I started pounding on it. Unfortunately, that got the serial killer's attention, and he was like "You're lucky you speak Chinese, or I'd kill you for that. Now stop it." so I kinda had to.

Lastly, he took me to tea and cakes at the house of one of his serial killer friends, who gave me a mechanical scorpion toy to play with, and told me I was a librarian. And we drank Chinese tea, and then went home. And I woke up.

The funniest part of the entire thing is that, while I do know some Chinese, I'm far from fluent. What a stupid serial killer. You'd think he'd be easier to escape from.

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