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Dreaming Oddly

share your weird dreams with the internet

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This is a place to come and share your weird dreams with everyone else. We all have them, and there's not much else to do with your weird dreams other than tell other people or make a blockbuster movie based on them (the latter mostly works only if you're David Lynch, though).

So, come on in, and post your weird dreams. An intro post would be nice too, so we know who you ARE before you start throwing us your weird dreams. Both dreams and nightmares are okay. Put long dreams behind an LJ-cut, please. Any dreams with a considerable amount of sexual content should be friends-locked, and stick a warning on them or something. I really don't care if you had dreams about shagging Elvis on top of a kangaroo, but I don't want us getting in trouble for exposing some minor to something they should probably know about anyway; some parents have a thing for blaming other people for what's their own fault.

Otherwise, just about anything goes. Get along, yo.

Your comm owner is aethyrkitten if you have any questions or comments, or you're having a problem with someone in here.